Please see answers to FAQs below, if you have any further questions, please get in contact.

Where are the ACC claimants you advise?
I advise those who are claiming accident compensation throughout New Zealand and in some cases those residing overseas. I operate throughout New Zealand and that is no problem given technology.

How can you successfully advise an ACC claimant who is at a distance from you?
The distance from my clients is not a factor given modern communication techniques and also the ability to travel and conduct many matters by telephone conference. Distance is not an impediment. Added to that I frequently travel throughout New Zealand attending hearings and conducting clinics.

How much does it cost to consult with you?
I speak to all clients initially on a no cost or obligation basis as it is necessary for me to consider their file before I can advise in terms of what I can or cannot do and also to provide them with a likely estimate of costs and different costing bases. Every single case is different, hence the need to initially assess matters. This is done on a no cost obligation free basis.

I know of someone else you helped whose case is similar to mine, can I expect the same result?
As every case is different the best course of action is to put your friend in contact with us so we can access their case.

Do you have a formula for working out your costing?
In terms of costing bases, all cases are different and an estimate of costs will be provided in writing before any substantial work is commenced. There are a number of costing arrangements available which include costs on a fixed win or loss basis and contingency or commission charging. It is a matter of discussing the above in each case to arrive at a mutually agreeable basis which will allow an injured person to prosecute their case. Once agreed upon a costing arrangement will be confirmed in writing to you.

What areas of compensation law do you cover? 
Amongst the matters I consider are claims for cover, weekly compensation stoppages, vocational independence decisions, independence allowance and lump sum compensation, rate of weekly compensation, appearance at reviews and appeals, work injury disputes, general queries and file overviews.